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Abe, Yugo


Inflation from higher-dimensional gauge and gravity theory

Adhikari, Kiran

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Aguilar-Arevalo, Alexis

24B2c Neutrino oscillations and light dark matter searches with the MiniBooNE experiment

Ahn, Yang-Hwan

24B1b A commom CP phase for leptons and quarks and leptogenesis

Ahriche, Amine

24B1b Phenomenology of a radiatively generated neutrino mass at three-loop

Antoniadis, Ignatios

22B1y Mass hierarchy and physics beyond the Standard Theory

Arina, Chiara

24C1c Bayesian statistical approach to dark matter direct detection experiments

Arraut, Ivan

21B1e On the consistency of some aspects of the dRGT non-linear theory of massive gravity

Asawatangtrakuldee, Chayanit

21B1a Search for non--SM Higgs bosons with CMS

Azzurri, Paolo


Higgs decaying into fermions at CMS

Bambi, Cosimo


Terminating black holes in quantum gravity

Barabanov, Mikhail

24B2b New perspectives for study charmonium and exotics above DDbar threshold

Baroncelli, Antonio

21B1a Searches for rare decays of the Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector

Barros, Nuno

24B1b First GERDA results on the neutrinoless double beta decay search of 76Ge

Benitez, Jorge Armando

21B1b Searches for supersymmetry in resonance production, R-parity violating signatures and events with long-lived particles with the ATLAS detector

Bernlochner, Florian


Combined measurements of the mass and coupling properties of the Higgs boson using the ATLAS detector

21B2c Beyond-SM searches in BD(*)nh and Bnh decays at BaBar

Bhardwaj, Vishal

25B2a Studies of quarkonium and quarkonium-like exotic particles from Belle

Bini, Cesare

24B2b Properties and spectroscopy of b-hadrons with the ATLAS detector

Bondu, Olivier

21B1a Future prospects for Higgs measurements with CMS

Bouchet, Francois

20A2 Highlights of latest cosmological results from Planck

Brandenberger, Robert

21A2 String gas cosmology: progress and challenges

Cabrera Catalan, Maria E.

20B2b LHC and dark matter phenomenology of the supersymmetric non universal gaugino and higgsino masses

Cao, Qing-Hong

22B1x Searching for new physics with polarized top quark

Carbone, Angelo

21B1c Measurements of B lifetimes, mixing and CP violation at LHCb

Castello, Roberto


Higgs properties with CMS

Cepeda, Maria

24C1b Vector boson + jets measurements at CMS

Cerati, Giuseppe


Higgs decaying into bosons at CMS

Chabert, Eric

24B2a Search for vector-like quark top and bottom partners at CMS

Chan, Shun-Hsinang

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Chan, Chuan-Tsung

24B1c To see symmetry in a forest of trees

Chang, Ming-Chuan

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Chang, Chun-peng

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Chang, Jung

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Chang, Paoti

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Chang, Tzu-Ching

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Chang, Yuan-Hann

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Chang, Lucky

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Chanon, Nicolas

24C1b Electroweak physics measurements at CMS

Chao, Yuan

22A1x Summary of other LHC results

Chen, Jyong-Hao

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Chen, Po-Hsun

24B2b Measurements of quarkonium production at CMS

Chen, Chiang-Mei

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Chen, Heng-Yu

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Chen, Pisin

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Chen, Jiunn-Wei

24B2c Detecting the cosmic neutrino background with accelerated nuclei

Chen, Bin

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Chen, Chun-Yen

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Chen, Chian-Shu

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Chen, Wei-Ming

21B1d Perturbative physics without an interacting Lagrangian

Chen, Jia-Ye

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Chen, Chuen- Ren

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Cheng, Hai-Yang

22B1x Flavor, charm, CP related physics

Cheng, Yifan

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Chiang, Chi-Ting

24B1d Position-dependent power spectrum -- a new statistics for bispectrum

Chiang, Lung-Yih

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Chiu, I-Non

25B2d The structure formation of the universe: stellar and intracluster medium fractions of 14 massive and high redshift south-pole-telescope-selected galaxy clusters

Chiu, Shao-Hsuan

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Cho, Hing-Tong

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Chu, Chong Sun

22B2y A non-abelian self-duality equation in six dimensions and multiple M5-branes in string theory

Chuang, Ding-Yi

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Cid Vidal, Xabier

21B1a Measurements with electroweak gauge bosons and searches for Higgs-like particles at LHCb

Costantini, Silvia

24B2a Top quark pair cross section measurements with CMS

Culetu, Hristu

24C1c A regular modified version of Schwarzschild metric

Dai, Shou-Huang

25B2c Parity violating hydrodynamics from gravity

Dao, Valerio

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de Capua, Stefano

24B2b Onia production and spectroscopy at LHCb

De Gerone, Matteo

24B1b The MEG experiment at PSI: latest results and outlooks

de la Macorra, Axel

24B2d BDM (dark matter): solving CDM problems

Derendinger, Jean-Pierre

22B1y On supercurrents, anomalies and (effective) Lagrangians

Dhuria, Mansi

20B2b Gravitino DM and a healthy EDM up to two loops in D3/D7 mu-split SUSY

Di Nardo, Roberto

21C1a Individual and combined measurements of the spin and parity properties of the Higgs boson using the ATLAS detector

Do, Tuan

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Donini, Julien

24C1a Single top quark production cross section at LHC in ATLAS

Downes, Sean

20B2d On model-dependence in string inflation

Drasal, Zbynek

21B1c Time-dependent CP violation measurements in B mesons from Belle

Du, Yi-Hsien

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Ellis, John

26A2 Summary

Endner, Oliver Chris

21B1b Searches for heavy resonances with the ATLAS detector

Enomoto, Yoshiki

21B1e Tree unitarity in Einstein gravity

Epifanov, Denis

22B1x Status of Belle II and SuperKEKB

Faisel, Gaber

25B1a Observation of CP violation in D^0 --> K^- \pi^+ as a smoking gun for new physics

Flood, Kevin

21B1a Searches for low-mass Higgs and dark-sector bosons at BaBar

Frampton, Paul

22A2y A possible reason for the scalar mass and a cosmological implication

Fu, Szu Yuan

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Fujimori, Toshiaki


Vortex counting in vortex worldsheet theory

Fukuda, Tsutomu

24B1b Evidence of tau neutrino appearance in a muon neutrino beam with the OPERA experiment

Fuyuto, Kaori

24B1b QCD corrections to neutron electric dipole moment in the high-scale supersymmetry

Gabadadze, Gregory

24A2 Massive gravity and cosmology

Ganjour, Serguei

20A1 Highlight of latest results from CMS

Gao, Xiangdong

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Gauthier, Christopher

24B1d Reconstructing the primordial power spectrum with Planck

Glattauer, Robin

21B1c Semileptonic B decays and CKM elements V_ub and V_cb from Belle

Godazgar, Hadi

22B2y Generalised geometry for string and M-theory

Gregory, Ruth

22B1y Black holes as bubble nucleation sites

Guest, Daniel


Searches for direct pair production of third generation squarks with the ATLAS detector

Gunther, Jaroslav

21C1b Study of rare and suppressed processes in B meson decays with ATLAS

Gutsche, Oliver

24C1a Measurement of top quark properties with CMS

Haino, Sadakazu

22A2x Recent Results of AMS-02

Hama, Naofumi


AGT relation in the light asymptotic limit

Hanagaki, Kazu


Search for the Higgs boson in fermionic channels using the ATLAS detector

Hare, Daryl


Searches for third generation SUSY from CMS

Harigaya, Keisuke

24B2d Large scale cosmic perturbation from evaporation of primordial black holes

Hashimoto, Koji

25B2c Vacuum instability in AdS/CFT

He, Jian-E


Gravity-induced phase shift and its detection

Heck, Tobias

24B2a Searches for vector-like quarks and ttbar resonances with the ATLAS detector

Hejbal, Jiri

24C1b Measurements of vector bosons and vector bosons plus jet production with the ATLAS detector

Hikage, Chiaki

25B2d Impacts of satellite galaxies on the redshift-space distortions

Hisano, Junji

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Ho, Shih-Hao

25B1c Quantum decoherence in holographic conformal field theories

Ho, Pei-Ming

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Ho, Jun-Kai

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Ho, Shu-Yu

20B2a Probing scotogenic effects in Higgs boson decays

Hobbs, Daniel

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Hou, Tie-Juin

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Hou, George W.S.

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Hsiung, Yee

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Hsu, Shih-Chieh

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Hu, Hao-Chung

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Huang, Wei-Chih

20B2c Fermi bubbles under dark matter scrutiny: particle physics analysis

Huang, JiKong

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Hung, Pham Q.

22A2y Luminogenesis from inflationary dark matter

Huo, Zhuoxi

25B2d The prospective application of hard X-ray modulation telescope for large-scale imaging

Ibanez, Luis

24A1 The SUSY-breaking scale, the Higgs mass and string theory

Inami, Takeo

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Ishikawa, Kazuya

20B2b LHC phenomenology of SUSY model with vector-like matters

Isono, Hiroshi

24B1c Instanton wave and M-wave in multiple M5-branes system

Iwamoto, Sho

20B2c AMS-02 results and decaying gravitino dark matter

Izumi, Keisuke

21B1e Causality in modified gravity theory

Jung, Dong-Won

21B2a Higgs-dilaton mixing with SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1) invariant form of the trace of the energy-momentum tensor

Jurciukonis, Darius

24B2c Calculation of absolute neutrino masses in the seesaw extension

Kadota, Kenji

25B2b Cosmologicaly probing the light scalar fields

Kakizaki, Mitsuru

24C1a Suppression of proton decay in low-scale extra-dimensional grand unified theories

Kakuda, Takuya

21B2a The modified Higgs potential and the new physics at the collider

Kalogeropoulos, Nikolaos

21B1d Space-time, strings and space-filling curves

Kanemura, Shinya

25B1b A UV complete model for radiative seesaw and electroweak baryogenesis based on the SUSY gauge theory

Kao, Chung-Wen

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Kao, Hsien-chung

25B1c Study of electron-electron interaction in graphene

Kao, Chung

22B1x When the Higgs meets the top

Kao, Pei-Wen

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Kashiwase, Shoichi

24C1c Radiative neutrino mass model with degenerate right-handed neutrinos

Katanaev, Mikhail


Point massive particle in general relativity

Kawasaki, Masahiro

22A1y Cosmological problems in axion models

Khan, Subrata

24B1a Vacuum stability constraints on the minimal singlet TeV seesaw model

Kharel, Savan

@ @

Khoo, Fech Scen

@ @

Kim, Sangwoo


Monte Carlo study for non-renormalization theorem of N=4 super Yang-Mills theory

Kitadano, Yoshio

@ @

Kitajima, Naoya

21B2e Gravitational waves from a curvaton model with blue spectrum

Kitamura, Tomotaka

21B1e Quantization and unitarity of Hořava-Lifshitz gravity

Ko, Pyungwon

21B2b EWSB and CDM from scale invariant extension of the SM with strongly interacting hidden sector

Kobakhidze, Archil

20B2a Higgs vacuum stability and physics beyond the Standard Model

Komatsu, Eiichiro

25A2 Polarization of the cosmic microwave background: toward an observational proof of cosmic inflation

Kong, Otto

@ @

Konishi, Yasufumi

24B1a Non-standard interactions in radiative seesaw mechanism of neutrino mass

Kotwal, Ashutosh

21B1a Beyond-­the-­Standard Model Higgs physics using the ATLAS experiment

Koyama, Yoji

20B2d Cosmological constant problem and lower-dimensional field theory, Liouville theory on de Sitter space

Kubota, Takahiro

@ @

Kulkarni, Suchita

20B2b Introducing SModelS: a tool for testing LHC results using simplified models

Kuo, Chia Ming

@ @

Kuwakino, Shogo

21B2d Three-generation models in heterotic asymmetric orbifolds

Kyae, Bumseok

20B2a Vector-like leptons and extra gauge symmetry for the neutral Higgs boson

Labun, Lance

25B2b Photons signaling a QCD phase transition in neutron star mergers

Lam, Tsz Yan

24B2d Modified gravity and its signature on large-scale structure

Lee, Jae Sik

20A2 Higgcision

Lee, Fei-Fan

24B2c Constraining dark matter capture and annihilation cross sections by searching for neutrino signature from the earth core

Lee, Seung-Joo

21B1d Wall-crossing and quiver invariants

Lee, Shih-Chang

@ @

Li, Yiming

24B2b b and c hadron production and spectroscopy at LHCb

Li, Siao-Fong

@ @

Li, Hsiang-nan

25B1a CP violation in D->PP, PV decays

Lin, Yen-Ting

25B1d The stellar mass assembly history of brightest cluster galaxies in IRAC shallow cluster survey

Lin, Yao-Yu

@ @

Lin, Yu-Hsiang

24B2c Probing the coupling of heavy dark matter to nucleons by detecting neutrino signature from the Earth core

Lin, Yen-Hsun

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Liou, Siao-Cing

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Liu, Shuai

21B1b Searches for RS gravitons at the CMS experiment

Liu, Yen-Wei

@ @

Liu, Lihui

@ @

Lu, Yun-Ju

@ @

Lu, Chih-Ting

21B2b WW scattering in the era of post-Higgs-boson discovery

Lukas, Andre

24A1 Heterotic line bundle models

Ma, Chen-Te

24B1c Effective action for Dp-brane in large RR(p-1)-form background

Maekawa, Nobuhiro

20B2d Vacuum selection and inflation via particle production in anomalous U(1) models

Mai, Shu-Hao

@ @

Marfatia, Danny

22B2x Perturbations to mu-tau symmetry in neutrino mixing

Matsuo, Yutaka

22B1y Extended conformal symmetry and recursion formulae for Nekrasov partition function

McDonald, Kristian

24B1a Exotics from a seesaw/radiative model at the LHC

McKee, Shawn

21B1b Searches for dark matter and extra dimensions with the ATLAS detector

Meier, Frank

25B2a Measurement of beauty hadron spectroscopy and productions at CMS

Merola, Mario

24C1a Measurement of single top quark processes with CMS

Metcalf, Thomas

21B2e Finite temperature effects in warm hybrid inflation

Mimura, Yukihiro

21B2a Higgs pair-production at the LHC & ILC from general potential

Mitra, Manimala

24B1a Constraining neutrino mass from neutrinoless double beta decay in TeV scale left-right model

Mohanty, Gagan

25B1a Studies of charm mixing and CP violations from Belle

Monnier, Emmanuel

22A1x Summary of LHC Higgs results (ATLAS+CMS)

Moroi, Takeo

@ @

Morvaj, Ljiljana


Inclusive searches for squarks and gluinos with the ATLAS detector

Moulson, Matthew

21B2c Rare and forbidden decays at the CERN experiment NA62

Moultaka, Gilbert

@ @

Mukaida, Kyohei

21B2e Dissipative effects on reheating after inflation

Mummidi, V Suryanarayana

21C1a A little more gauge mediation and the light Higgs mass

Muramatsu, Yu

20B2b Nucleon decay via dimension 6 operators in anomalous U(1)_A SUSY GUT models and E_6 times SU(2)_F SUSY GUT models

Nagasaki, Koichi

24B1c 't Hooft operators on an interface and bubbling D5-branes

Nakadaira, Takeshi

25A1 Current and future accelerator-based neutrino experiments

Nakajima, Hiroaki


Twisted N=4 super Yang-Mills theory in omega-background

Nakayama, Kazunori

20B2d Axionic dark radiation from string moduli

Nayak, Minakshi

21B1c CP asymmetry studies from Belle for the CKM angle phi_3

Ni, Wei-Tou

22A2y Precision cosmology from gravitational waves

Ning, Bo

@ @

Nojiri, Mihoko

26A2 Physics opportunity at future colliders

Nomura, Takaaki

20B2c Nonabelian dark matter with resonant annihilation

Ohkuma, Kazumasa

21B2b Constraints on nonstandard top-gluon couplings from the Tevatron, LHC7 and LHC8

Oikawa, Akane

21B2d Supersymmetric branes on the conifold with magnetic fluxes

Okumura, Ken-ichi


Phenomenology of NMSSM in TeV scale mirage mediation

Okuyama, Kazumi

@ @

Okuyama, Toyonobu

21B1c Mixing and CP violation in the Bs system with ATLAS

Olive, Keith

24A2 Supersymmetric dark matter post run I at the LHC

Olschewski, Mark

21B1b Searches for dark matter at the CMS experiment

Ong, Yen Chin

21B1d Slaying monsters

Orani, Stefano

20B2e Supersymmetric hybrid inflation with a light scalar field

Otsuka, Hajime

20B2a The Higgs boson mass in a natural MSSM with nonuniversal gaugino masses

Oyama, Yoshihiko

@ @

Padhi, Sanjay

22A1x Summary of LHC SUSY and exotic search results

Pai, Shang-Ping

@ @

Palma, Alberto


Measurement of properties of the Higgs boson in bosonic decay channels using the ATLAS detector

Pan, Wei-Ping

@ @

Panda, Sukanta

24B1d Violation of statistical isotropy due to pre-inflationary anisotropic expansion

Panizzi, Luca

21B2b Model-independent analysis of scenarios with vector-like quarks

Paramesvaran, Sudarshan


Inclusive searches for SUSY from CMS

Park, Chanseok

21C1b Rare B meson decays from Belle

Park, Jong-Chul


Dark matter with nonuniversal couplings for protons and neutrons in light of CDMS-Si

Park, Seongchan

21C1a 126GeV Higgs in next-to-minimal universal extra dimensions

Park, Wan-il

24C1c An unbroken local dark U(1) symmetry and its phenomenology

Payne, Jason

@ @

Pazzini, Jacopo

21C1b Studies of rare B meson decays with the CMS detector

Peiffer, Thomas

24B2a Search for new particles in the ttbar invariant mass spectrum and similar final states at CMS

Peters, Reinhild Yvonne

24C1a Top quark properties in ATLAS

Pi, Shi

@ @

Pleskot, Vojtech

21B2c Recent QCD results from ATLAS

Prisciandaro, Jessica

21C1b Studies of charmless B decays at LHCb

Quevedo, Fernando

26A1 TBA

Rao, Soumya

25B1b Dark matter relic density, muon g-2 and LHC results in nonuniversal gaugino mass models

Ravadgar, Parvaneh

@ @

Refregier, Alexandre

22A1y Cosmology and large-scale structures

Ringeval, Christophe

21B2e Encyclopedia inflationaris: testing inflation after Planck

Rodrigues, Eduardo

21A1 Summary of flavour physics results

Rosenthal, Oliver

24B2a Top quark pair production cross section at LHC in ATLAS

Rott, Carsten

22A2x Highlights and plans of ICECUBE

Rugina, Christina

21B2d Einstein-Rosen bridges and black hole complementarity

Sahoo, Dibyakrupa

@ @

Saikawa, Kenichi

20B2c Thermalization process of dark matter axions

Saito, Shun

25B2d Beyond BAOs in the BOSS CMASS galaxy clustering

Sato, Joe


A first evidence of the CMSSM is appearing soon

Schive, Hsi-Yu

24B2d Cosmic structure as the quantum interference of a coherent dark wave

Schlieckau, Eike

24B2a Measurement of the top quark mass with CMS

Schmitz, Kai

21B2b Stabilizing the axion by means of non-anomalous discrete R symmetries

Schwimmer, Adam

21A2 Constraints on renormalization group flows

Seljak, Uros

21A1 The large scale structure of the universe: the promise, current status and future prospects

Senaha, Eibun

25B1b Z'-ino-driven electroweak baryogenesis

Seridi, Mohamed Ali

@ @

Shadrack, Anthony

@ @

Shen, Che-Min

@ @

Shimada, Kengo

25B2b Quantum approach to the thermal resonant leptogenesis

Shiu, Gary

25A2 Dark matter and dark energy in string theory

Sinha, Nita

21B2c Can the observed CP asymmetry in tau-->k pi nu be due to non-standard tensor interactions?

Sorensen, Peter


First results from the lux dark matter search experiment

Sugawa, Tatsuyuki

@ @

Sumita, Keigo

21B2d SUSY spectra of magnetized brane models

Sun, Chuang

21B2d Heterotic model building: 16 special manifolds

Suyu, Sherry

25B1d Cosmology with gravitational lens time delays

Takada, Masahiro

24B1d Power spectrum super-sample covariance

Takanishi, Yasutaka


Light neutralino dark matter, XENON100 and LHC results

Takano, Hiroshi

24C1c Multi-component dark matter in two loop radiative seesaw model

Takayama, Kenichi

@ @

Takayanagi, Tadashi

26A1 Quantum entanglement and holographic spacetime

Takeda, Naoyuki

24B2d I-ball formation with log potential

Takeda, Kazuhiro

24B1a Right-handed neutrinos in the hMSM

Takesako, Tomohiro

21B2e Hubble-induced mass from MSSM plasma

Tanaka, Akinori


Supersymmetric localization on round three-sphere revisited

Tandean, Jusak


Darkon models, light dark-matter hint from CDMS II, and Higgs boson at the LHC

Taniguchi, Hiroyuki

21C1a @Higgs as a probe of supersymmetric grand unification with the Hosotani mechanism

Terada, Takahiro

20B2e Stability of inflationary dynamics in F(R) supergravity

Tonelli, Diego

25B1a Studies of charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb

Tronconi, Alessandro

21B1e Inflation and quantum gravity in a Born-Oppenheimer context

Tsai, Tsung Hsuan

@ @

Tsai, Yue-Lin

24C1c An updated analysis of inert Higgs doublet model in light of XENON100, PLANCK, AMS-02 and LHC

Tsedenbaljir, Enkhbat

21B2a Scalar leptoquarks and Higgs pair production at the LHC

Tseng, Po-Yen


Collider constraints on the dark matter interpretation of the CDMS II results

Tsybychev, Dmitri

24C1b Measurement of multi-boson production with the ATLAS detector

Tu, Huitzu

@ @

Tudorache, Alexandra


Searches for gluino-mediated production of third generation squarks with the ATLAS detector

Ugajin, Tomonori

25B2c A holographic realization of general 2D quantum quench

Umetsu, Keiichi

25B1d Mass distribution in and around galaxy clusters from strong lensing, weak lensing shear and magnification

Vacca, Gian Paolo

@ @

Vaidya, Rishikesh

21C1a Higgs to di-photon decay rate in supersymmetry without R-parity

Valle, Jose

25A1 Physics beyond the Standard Model: neutrinos & dark matter

Varol, Tulin

21B1b Searches for new phenomena in events with multiple leptons with the ATLAS detector

Vazquez Gomez, Ricardo

21C1b Searches for very rare B, D and n decays at LHCb

Vesterinen, Mika Anton

25B2a Studies of asymmetries in semileptonic B decays at LHCb

Vliet, Arjen van

25B2b Current results from the Pierre Auger observatory

Voutilainen, Mikko

21B2c Jet physics measurements at CMS

Wang, Chih-Wei

21B1d Modular properties of three dimensional higher spin theory

Wang, I-Chin

@ @

Wang, Meng

22B2x New results from the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment

Wang, Min-Zu

@ @

Wasay, Muhammad Abdul

@ @

Watanabe, Akira

@ @

Wen, Wen-Yu

24B1c Charge-mass bound in Hawking radiation

Williams, Matthew

21B1c Measurements of B DK decays to constrain the CKM unitarity triangle angle ^ at LHCb

Williams, Sarah


Searches for electroweak production of supersymmetric neutralinos, charginos and sleptons with the ATLAS detector

Wingerter-Seez, Isabelle

20A1 Highlights from ATLAS

Wong, Chi-Fong

@ @

Wong, Henry

@ @

Wright, Simon

25B2a Studies of b(s,d)(mumu,gamma) transitions at LHCb

Wu, Chih-Liang

24B2c Ionization of hydrogen by neutrino magnetic moment, relativistic muon, and WIMP

Wu, Chih-Pan

24B1a Detecting neutrino magnetic moments at sub-KeV regime with Ge detectors

Wu, Jackson

25B1c A holographic model of the Kondo effect

Wu, Jun-Yi

@ @

Xu, Fanrong

@ @

Xue, Xun


The theoretical investigation on possible Lorentz violation schemes

Yamada, Masaki

25B1b Co-genesis of baryon and dark matter from Q-ball decay in anomaly mediation

Yamada, Yusuke

20B2b LARGE volume scenario in 5D SUGRA models

Yamamoto, Hitoshi

22B2x TBA

Yamazaki, Dai

24B1d Multi-lognormal magnetic field limits from the cosmic microwave background

Yang, Cheng-Tao

@ @

Yasuda, Osamu

22B2x An analytical treatment of neutrino oscillation probabilities

Yeh, Chi-Hsien

21B1d Duality constraints on string theory

Yeh, Jia-Long

@ @

Yi, Piljin

22B2y D-branes and orientifolds: worldsheet partition functions and worldvolume topology

Yi-An, Liao

@ @

Yogesh, Kumar

@ @

Yokoyama, Junichi

22A1y Cosmology of the Higgs field

Yu, Chaehyun

21B2a Multi-Higgs doublet models with spontaneous Higgs symmetry breaking

Yu, Shin-Shan

@ @

Yuan, Tzu-Chiang

22A2x Some topics of dark sector physics

Zeman, Martin

@ @

Zheng, Ya-Juan

21B2c LHC signatures for cascade seesaw mechanisms